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Key skeleton Keys

Key copies from broken or bent keys

We offer key duplication for everything from common house keys to rare automotive.

Although cutting a key seems simple, we are greeted almost daily with “I had these

keys cut at ______ and they don’t work.”

Key cutting, as easy as it seems, requires quality equipment, proper alignment of the original key and machine calibration. If the cuts on the copy are too deep or shallow, or spaced incorrectly, the new key will not operate the lock. Furthermore, as keys wear, they become increasingly difficult to copy. A copy of a worn key may not work because the cuts on the new key are too deep. It is like a photocopy of a photocopy. With each generation, the quality of the reproduction decreases until, eventually, the image becomes illegible.

Key duplication services provided include:

  • Auto keys

  • Home and office keys

  • File cabinet and Ace keys

  • Bit keys

Superior Key Duplication

  • Copies for bent or broken keys

  • Keys by code

  • Automotive transponder keys

  • First keys

Specialty services include:

Key Duplication Key Duplication Key Duplication Machine